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This zine originally started as a Fallout 4 Fanfic called Red Rocket Queer Commune, and evolved into a perzine about videogames and my relationship to them, from childhood to today. I talk about my aversion for warfare oriented games, and take you on a journey through some of the games I played and what they meant to me then. I sometimes reflect on how being a dyke and having an alcohol misuse disorder featured in my experience of games like Fallout 4 or FFIX, so expect some mentions of comp-het and alcohol misuse.


burn-my-sims-alive_by-annie-pocalypse.pdf 4 MB
Red-Rocket-Queer-Commune-Large-Text-by-annie-pocalypse.pdf 74 kB

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This zine is a PDF file which works best in reader mode, with two pages per view, and is written in Comic Sans size 12 for accessibility.

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